A simple ABC to help us show up as Inspiring Leaders in our businesses and daily life…


A is for Awareness.
Awareness of how we show up daily for ourselves and others both at home and at work is a key to staying inspired, joyful, and radiating our power, inspiration, light and unique nature. How we show up and prepare for our day is a key to joy and success. When we have a great morning routine, we can show up authentically, aligned with our true nature and purpose. A healthy morning routine can include some of the following elements. Ideally BEFORE checking social media (which 86% of people tend to do on waking), for example our mobile phones, e-mails, news, it is important to gather ourselves and our energy first. We can practice becoming centred, grounded, more connected to ourselves on a deeper level. With greater self[1]awareness, it becomes easier to connect with others with greater clarity and authenticity and not be reactive to what the day has in store for us. Not easy to do, I agree, yet we can build these habits over time and see great benefits in our work and personal life.

B is for Breathing.
Something we all must do and have control over too (except when asleep). A short exercise to help us become more present and feel more connected and supported is as follows: Sitting quietly with our feet flat on the ground, our spine straight, allowing the mind to settle as our energy is gathered back to our energetic centre in the lower abdomen—if we can feel the breath gently moving the lower abdomen this is great (this is where we breathe at birth), and it helps to settle the mind and the emotions too when we focus on this area. Having a sense of gratitude for 5 things daily, often things we may take for granted like a roof over our head, a job, enough food etc. helps raise our vibration and puts us in a more positive receptive state. Being present in stillness is never wasted time as even in stillness, energy is flowing through the body, our circulation is stimulated and oxygenated with deep breathing and our mind is settling and becoming more open and receptive. In this quiet and still state, we are more supported and inspired by the energy and information always available to us.

C is for Connection.
Qigong is a 4000-year-old art and energy practice I have been studying and teaching for over 35 years. Qi (pronounced Chi) means energy. Gong means practice. Qi is the energy that is naturally flowing in the body and which gives us life, keeps nature vibrant and thriving.

When the Qi is weak, the body is weak; when the Qi is blocked, the body gets sick; when the Qi stops flowing, there is no life.
The cultivation of this energy/Qi, known as Qigong, awakens and improves physical and mental health and helps us feel more connected to ourselves and others. As we connect with this universal source of energy, we can begin realising more of our true potential.
With the world in such a state of change and so much stress to cope with for people of all ages, it seems like a crucial time to bring a practice like Qigong into our lives to take more control of our health and wellbeing .
I love this quote by Martha Graham… “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.” By tuning into yourself, and this life force, you can start working more co-operatively with the body’s innate intelligence, with this incredible inner pharmacy. Self care can be as simple as ABC and needs some commitment to your life and purpose—it is worth it for sure.
• You can be contributing more in your work.
• You can be happier in your relationships.
• You harness the enhanced mental, emotional and spiritual faculties of flow for creative thinking, new visions, deeper perception of people’s needs, and you work in harmony with the forces that come in to meet your intention.


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